• Silvermine Beach

    Tucked in an isolated corner, the sandy beach is perfect for aquatic sport enthusiast, relaxing afternoon tans or just a simple evening stroll. It have been the spot for annual events such as the Silvermine Bay music festival and Dragon boat racing competitions.

  • Hung Shing Temple

    The Hung Sing Temple is located at Chung Hau. Originally, it frequented by Chinese sailors to pay respects to the God of the Sea before voyages. Built in 1736, during Qianlong’s Emperor’s first year of reign, it presents an interesting perspective to the rich local cultural history.

  • Man Mo Temple

    This temple was constructed during the Ming Dynasty (1573-1619), it is the oldest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong. Chinese scholars from the era as well as modern day students visit the temple to pray to its two deities Man Cheong Tai (God of literary excellence) and Mo Tai (God of martial prowess). It was common belief that the most exemplary individuals would posses both wit and might and serve the country as ‘Guan’ or Government officials.

  • Yuen’s Mansion

    One of the more recent historically significant attractions at Mui Wo. The Yuen’s mansion is located at Chung Hau village, and was constructed by the Yuen family in the 1930s out of granite. The facility includes a 80 year old watch tower constructed to protect Mui Wo’s residents from pirates and Japense invaders.

  • Silvermine Cave

    Located at a short stroll from the base of Silver Mine Hill, the Silvermine cave was a functional silver mine from 1862 to 1896. The mine was shut down due to the poor quality of silver produced but have functioned as a tourist attraction ever since.

  • Silvermine Waterfall

    One of the rare natural sights in Hong Kong, the Silvermine waterfall is perfect for photographers and nature lovers. During the raining season May-September, the water swells and transforms peaceful attraction becomes a majestic spectacle. A garden is located nearby whereby family and friends can enjoy the picturesque view without risking getting wet.